Our Oak Wood Beard/ Hair Brush & Comb

Using our Oak Wood Beard/ Hair Brush will ensure better beard health and appearance. They tame a gentleman’s potentially unruly face fur by using what the body is already producing to help achieve a beard that is both better looking and healthier.

It all begins by gently spreading the skins’ natural oils along the length of each hair. Our brushes are gentle on your hair/skin and do not damage hair which synthetic materials are prone to do. Our natural bristles, versus nylon alternatives, also carry those oils from follicle to tip, while straightening hairs in the process.

In addition to this, our Oak Wood Beard/ Hair Brush exfoliate the skin below and stimulate blood circulation to the areas where

they are used. This is great for reducing beard dandruff and encouraging the best beard growth possible.

Each of our Beard/ Hair Brush & comb is crafted from pure, unadulterated Oak wood in an easy-to-grip, oval shape. This material is durable while allowing for the absorption of oils over time, perfect for use with our Oud Beard Oils. We have you covered regardless of whether you are a grower of a fierce mane, keeping it trim and tidy, or looking for that vegan alternative.

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